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Apply for your eCosway Alliance Bank MasterCard Payment Card Today!

Payment Card

eCosway Business Owners can now apply for the new eCosway Alliance Bank MasterCard Payment Card. You are not eligible to apply for this Payment Card if you already have the eCosway Alliance Bank Credit Card.

  • No bank account
  • No deposit — just bank in any amount
  • Hassle-free application

About the MasterCard Payment Card

The MasterCard Payment Card looks almost exactly like the eCosway Alliance Bank Gold Credit Card and it works almost the same way too! You get to chalk up eVolume (eV) and Card Value Points (CVPs) whenever you pay for anything with the card, anywhere in the world. The only significant difference is that instead of paying for your charged amount at a later date (for credit card transactions), you will need to deposit some money into your payment card account BEFORE you can make charges using your payment card. Unlike applying for debit cards by other banks, you do not need to open an account with Alliance Bank to apply for this payment card. Terms and conditions apply.

  • Principal / Supplementary Card Applicant's Minimum Age: 18 years
  • Documentation Required: One copy of I.C. (both sides)
  • Joining & Renewal Fees: Principal / Supplementary - RM30 per card, valid for 4 years

How to Apply for the Payment Card

  1. Get the eCosway Alliance Bank Card application form from any Cosway Sales Centre or any Alliance Bank branch. Or you may download it - see below.
  2. Fill in the application form. (If you wish to apply for only the Credit Card, please ignore the Payment Card columns. If you want the Payment Card and not the Credit Card, just select the Payment Card and fill in the other fields.)
  3. Submit the form and a photocopy of your I.C. (both sides) to your nearest Alliance Bank branch (Attention: Card & Payment Services).
  4. Wait for 2 weeks (8 working days) for Alliance Bank to process your application.
  5. Bank-in the RM30.00 joining fee into your account prior to activating the card.
  6. Bank-in your desired amount for your anticipated payment requirements.

If you have not applied for the eCosway Alliance Bank Credit Card before – for faster processing, you can apply for both the Credit Card and Payment Card at the same time so that just in case you are not issued the Credit Card, you can be automatically issued the Payment Card instead. Please note that you will only be issued either the credit card(s) or the payment card, and not both types.

If you want the Credit Card and not the Payment Card — you can apply for just the Credit Card. If your credit card application is unsuccessful and you did not ask for a Payment Card, you will be given an offer letter from Alliance Bank to open a Fixed Deposit (FD) account or to opt for the Payment Card.

If you want the Payment Card and not the Credit Card — you can apply for just the Payment Card.

How to Fill In the Form

Just pick the card(s) you would like to apply for and fill in the rest of the form.

Note: Revised form features additional columns (circled in red) for Payment Card application.

If you wish to apply for only the Credit Card, please ignore the Payment Card columns.

The Payment Card Application form

Where to Get the Form

The revised form is downloadable from the website, in Adobe® PDF format. Alternatively, forms can be picked up at any Cosway Sales Centre or at any branch of Alliance Bank. You can visit the Branch Network page of their Locations section to search for the location of their branches.

  • Download Payment Card Application form (200k Adobe® PDF file)

If you have any further questions, please email Customer Service at or call 03-2143 4164 / 171 during business hours.


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