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Frequently Asked Questions - eCosway Rewards Card


  1. What is the eCosway Rewards Card?
  2. How do I get an eCosway Rewards Card?
  3. Can Cardholders register for additional supplementary card(s) AFTER they have submitted their registration form for a principal card with / without supplementary card(s)? If so, how?
  4. Can a Business Owner / Privileged Shopper submit the eCosway Rewards Card registration on behalf of his / her downlines in the form of email or on paper instead of separate registration forms for each registrant?
  5. If husband and wife are both principal cardholders, can the husband register a supplementary card for his wife under his own ID?
  6. Can a Business Owner / Privileged Shopper collect the eCosway Rewards Card on behalf of his downlines? If yes, what are the procedures?
  7. I am a Privileged Shopper who just got converted to Business Owner status. I did not register for the card when I was a Privileged Shopper, but I want to register for the card now. Can I? What is the procedure?
  8. Can I register myself for a few supplementary cards with the same principal cardholder’s name?
  9. What happens if a Business Owner / Privileged Shopper uses his ID to register for the eCosway Rewards principal card at Redemption Center A and then registers for another principal card using that same ID at Redemption Center B?
  10. Will I be sent a card renewal reminder when my eCosway Rewards Card expires?

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  1. Are there any charges for registering or using the eCosway Rewards Card?
  2. When and how will the 5 eV annual charge for the principal or supplementary card be deducted?
  3. How do I view this annual charge deduction?

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eVolume (eV) & Card Value Points (CVPs)

  1. How many CVPs and/or eV can an eCosway Rewards Cardholder receive from using the card?
  2. Who gets the commission offered by a merchant?
  3. Privileged Shoppers are not entitled to profits until they become a Business Owner. What happens to the eV and CVPs generated by their card transactions?
  4. When will the eV be credited to the Business Owner’s account?
  5. How does a Business Owner / Privileged Shopper / find out about his / her eV earned from the eCosway Rewards Program every month?
  6. How does a Business Owner or Privileged Shopper find out about his / her CVPs earned from the program?
  7. If a Business Owner’s eV Reserve option is 'ON', what happens to the eV earned with his / her eCosway Rewards Card?

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Using the eCosway Rewards Card

  1. How will a Cardholder recognize a shop that accepts the eCosway Rewards Card?
  2. How does one use the eCosway Rewards Card at participating merchants’ outlets?
  3. Is Cosway or eCosway a Cash-In Merchant?
  4. Can the eCosway Rewards Card be used overseas?
  5. What happens if a Cash-In Merchant does not accept the Rewards Card?

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Card Replacements

  1. What should a principal or supplementary cardholder do if his / her name or ID is incorrectly printed on the eCosway Rewards Card due to wrong input by the cardholder?
  2. What if the ID was typed incorrectly by the Redemption Center personnel?
  3. What should a principal or supplementary cardholder do to get a replacement for a damaged (due to the fault of the cardholder) or lost card?

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Card Cancellations

  1. Is the RM 10 card registration fee refundable if I decide to cancel my card(s)?
  2. How do I cancel my card?
  3. Can I register for a new Rewards Card after I have cancelled my card?

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