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eCosway Rewards Card - Make your purchases count!

Great news for all eCosway Business Owners and Privileged Shoppers in Malaysia! eCosway brings you an exciting program to help you chalk up extra eVolume (eV) and receive Card Value Points (CVPs) (where applicable)!

The eCosway Rewards Card

eCosway Rewards CardeCosway presents the eCosway Rewards Card — a unique loyalty card that allows you to chalk up eVolume (eV) whenever you (and your supplementary cardholders) shop or done at thousands of Cash-In Merchants nationwide! eCosway Business Owners and Privileged Shoppers also receive Card Value Points (CVPs) — 1 CVP per RM100 spent — that give fantastic savings on hundreds of popular items online and offline, and can be used to bid in the CVP Auction where great, luxurious items are up for grabs! This program is a collaboration with iSynergy, an organization that specializes in loyalty card processing services.

CVPs can be used to purchase great items online or offline at deeply discounted prices. Additionally, you can also use your CVPs to participate in the CVP Auction where great, luxurious items are up for grabs!

Just produce your eCosway Rewards Card when you pay for purchases at any Cash-In Merchant and make sure you receive a receipt for the transaction. Any eV and CVPs from the transaction will go to the Principal Cardholder. (See diagram below.)

How the eCosway Rewards Card works

There is a registration fee of RM 10 AND an annual charge of 5eV  for eCosway Business Owners and Privileged Shoppers for each principal and supplementary card. The registration fee must be paid when you submit the registration forms.

Registration, replacement and cancellation forms for the eCosway Rewards Card are available at all Cosway Sales and Redemption Centers nationwide.

You can also download the card registration, card replacement and card cancellation forms as a combined download from here or at the announcements page of your eCosway website.

You may print out as many copies of the form(s) as you wish for distribution to those in your network. Just submit the completed form to the Redemption Center nearest to you and collect your eCosway Rewards Card from the same Redemption Center 4 weeks after you submit your form.


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