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Whoops! Direct Program

Subscribe or Refer Others to tmnet streamyx packages and Earn eV and CVPs*.

*You will only get CVPs if you use your eCosway AmBank Card for payments.

Now you can receive eVolume (eV) when you subscribe to or refer others who subscribe to tmnet streamyx packages.

tmnet streamyx is a broadband internet access that provides Internet connection at a speed ranging from 512kbps to 2mbps. Now you can surf the Internet for as long as you want and talk on your phone at the same time, plus enjoy the following benefits:

  • Fast Internet surfing
  • Smooth online games
  • Smooth and high quality video streaming
  • Faster downloading
  • Wireless broadband at tmnet hotspot locations
Just upgrade your current subscription or refer others to upgrade theirs and enjoy between 8eV and 401eV (once) based on the value difference between current and upgrade packages.

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